Raccoon Removal

Raccoon RemovalRaccoon removal service that is safe, humane and effective is a specialty of Trapperman.  Raccoons are able to breach into attics, eaves, roofs and chimneys to set up residence often having their young inside your home and creating a Nuisance problem for you.

It is extremely important to remove wildlife inside your property as quickly as possible, as they cause severe damage to the inside of attics, roofs, and exterior structures of your home or business. They are known to carry rabies and are a threat to any person or animal that inhabits a home or business. Their fecal and urine can carry many different parasites as well. Those who have raccoons getting into their residence and terrorizing their well being can  rest assured that Trapperman will handle the issue in an entirely humane way, trapping and relocating all wildlife far away and sealing up your home with wildlife proof materials so future occurrences do not happen.