Bat Removal

bat-removal-plainfield-ilBat Removal is a very important service provided by Trapperman.  Bats are always getting into tight crevices in homes, office buildings, and other building structures. As soon as bats are able to find a space the y can breach they can get into attics, eves, roofs, soffits, chimneys and other parts of the structure where they can roost and begin building a colony. Once inside the bats are constantly dropping (fecal), which contains bat bugs and is also the cause of respiratory diseases to residents such as histoplasmosis. They’re droppings are extremely dangerous to all residents of the structure. Bats must be removed and evicted safely and humanely to ensure the well being of occupants as well as following Federal and State laws since bat are protected under Federal Law. A All Animal Control begins by inspecting the structure with our signature 67 point written inspection to determine every point of entry the bats are using to breach inside so once all bats are removed A All Animal Control can seal up these cracks, crevices, holes and voids. Trapperman starts by evicting all bats from the structure, once all bats are removed we are able to seal up all entry points on the home or building structure to prevent bats from get back in.

Trapperman provides a complete solution to Bat Removal to ensure the problem does not reoccur. Including, cleanup and desensitizing services for all left behind droppings and decontaminated insulation.